Buying and selling real estate in the Southern Highlands during the holidays

Buying and selling real estate in the Southern Highlands during the holidays

Is the holiday period a good time to sell a property?

The short answer is yes, and in this article, we will explain why.

Support for big decisions

The holiday period is a time when families come together. When we are surrounded by people we love, it can be easier to find the strength to make big life decisions, like moving house.

Many buying and selling decisions originate during this time of reflection.

The holiday period can also mean lots of free time for many families. Once the rush of Christmas is over, potential buyers may find they have space available to check out the market and start looking at properties to buy.

Be ready for buyers at all times

If you are keen on selling your home, you can capitalise on this situation by making your home available for viewings over the holiday period.

To limit stress, try letting go of the desire to present your property in showhome condition. Potential buyers understand this can be a busy time for everyone. They are interested in far more than whether the dishes have been done, or the kid's rooms are clean. They will be looking first and foremost at aspects like sunshine, size, location and outdoor living.

Holiday buyers are motivated

Buyers who are searching for properties over the holiday break and often highly motivated to make quick decisions. So if you do open your home up for any viewings, it's unlikely you will be wasting your time.

Be flexible with timing

There is one catch to selling your home during the holiday break: Lawyers and other advisers are usually away for an extended period. So any offers you receive may be subject to a longer due diligence period to allow time for legal checks, builders reports and bank confirmation.

Still though, if you are able to secure a conditional buyer during this time, it's a great step in the right direction and well worth your time allowing the occasional viewing.

Here to help

We will be available to help you through the holiday break. If you are interested in discussing your property options, please get in touch to book your free consultation. We can offer advice to help you maximise your sale price, or find the right home to suit your needs.