Why a good real estate agent is worth more


Why a good real estate agent is worth more

You would be forgiven for thinking that all real estate agents essentially appear the same.

Real estate professionals collectively tend to dress the same way, drive the same kind of cars, talk the same way on the phone. It's almost like they are trying not to stand out from each other.

And the job itself - how hard can it be right? You take some photos of a house, put them on the internet, buyers call up, view the home and buy it.

Sounds pretty straightforward.

Frankly though, it's what you don't notice that makes all the difference.

How a good agent adds value behind the scenes...

● Pre-sale staging advice. Top salespeople help owners decide which furniture items to remove to maximise space, how to style their home to attract buyers and which items to update or fix to add value. Some agents even provide staging services for empty homes.

● Market analysis. The best advisers provide detailed statistical info to help property owners understand the value of their asset and the current state of the market.

● Concierge service. Many agents have teams of pre-qualified, local tradespeople who can help you get your home ready for the market.

● Timing the market. By understanding when to go on the market, real estate salespeople can increase the number of buyers focused on your home.

● Selecting the right marketing method. There are houses that sell quickly, that could have sold for much more with the right marketing approach. Many salespeople are in a rush to sell properties, which at first glance might appear to be a good result, but may not be maximising the net worth of their clients (the homeowners). Top agents understand that the first offer isn't always the best offer.

● Large databases. Salespeople with large databases can give your property a 'head start' when it hits the open market by exposing it to a large pool of qualified buyers who have recently missed out on other properties in your area.

● Interest management. When properties are popular, they attract vast amounts of buyer enquiry. Top agents have systems to ensure all expressions of interest are responded to in a timely, efficient manner and that buyers have access to all the info they need to move forward.

● Providing solutions around disclosures. Top salespeople don't get blind-sided by buyer objections or concerns, like cracked foundations or high moisture readings. They front-foot these issues and provide buyers with information and solutions which help them maintain interest in the property.

● Competition management. Owners get life-changing real estate outcomes when multiple buyers attempt to buy their home at the same time. Good real estate

salespeople have processes to manage this buyer vs. buyer competition to ensure everyone has a fair shot while ensuring the owners walk away with the best possible price.

● Problem-solving. When issues inevitably come up, like an engineering concern, a non-consented change, or some strange legal fishhook, a good real estate professional will calmly help you work out your options. They will use their experience, networks and market knowledge to help you make smart, educated decisions.

Each of these value-adds can increase the value of your property. How? It all comes down to competition. If any of these extra skillsets attract one more buyer to bid on your property, then that could well have a positive effect on your final sale price.

Add them all together and you have a powerful combination to help you walk away with the best possible result.

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